We at Gestion Immobiliere Montreal have spent a lot of time developing and managing systems and processes specifically designed to create an efficient flow. From occupancy to management to legal issues, our company will have the processes in place to handle your properties. Those efficiencies are what lead to increased revenue for our investors, less strain on the investor’s time, and a reduction in costs incurred by our investors.

By us taking over the responsibility of having to do everything from marketing a property, fielding calls from interested tenants, showing the property to tenants and even taking care of maintenance while the property is both occupied and vacant, our investors need not worry about having to put in a lot of their personal time. With more time to do what you do best, whether its spending time earning for your family or spending quality leisure time, an investor reduces their stress and worry when they confide in our company.


What we offer you?

Purchase of property remotely

Turnkey Management

Computer generated operating statements