About GIM

Gestion Immobilière Montréal Inc is a company based in Montreal which specializes in managing commercial and residential rental properties of all sizes. Our members have their own income properties and therefore understand the concerns of their clients. The important aspect is that we offer owners complete management of their real estate investments.

Accountability and follow-up process

This includes the implementation of an effective financial management system and the client receives a monthly detailed report of receipts and disbursements. Our team manages our own accounting with the use of an effective tool. Here is a list of our accounting responsibilities:

  • Deposit rent money directly into the owner’s bank account
  • Prepare checks for payment of accounts
  • Complete T4 record slips for property taxes
  • Prepare and send notices of renewal of leases
  • Receive, manage GST / PST taxes and produce reports to government authorities


Qualifications of potential tenants

A tenant is chosen and kept for the rental of a property following these steps for selection:

  1. Remittance of a thorough and detailed questionnaire (full name, actual address, telephone, SIN, references, current and past employment, bank institution, date of birth, etc.)
  2. Following a pre-selection, we investigate the references (current landlord, employment, credit score, reference)
  3. Finally a direct meeting, to ensure the quality of the tenant, finalizes everything


Marketing and tenant screening process

First we search in our database of potential tenants, which is updated regularly, to see if it would be possible to pair up housing and tenant.

We publish ads online and in newspapers. In addition, we install a sign on the property. All this so that the vacant housing has the greatest visibility, in order to rent it as soon as possible to quality tenants.