Real Estate Services

Management and Administration

Whether you’re a long time investor with one property or perhaps you have multiple properties, or even if you’re just starting out, property management can be seen as a full time job. This is where a property management company like Gestion Immobiliere Montreal can help.

Our property management services leads to less stress for you and the maintaining of steady income streams as a result of your investments.

We, the Gestion Immobiliere Montreal property management team, invite you to take a look at our complete property management services:

  • Advertise spaces for rent
  • Careful selection of tenants and investigation of pre-leasing
  • Lease signing
  • Rent collection
  • Collections of money owed
  • Litigation management
  • Remittance of monthly management statement or on request
  • Notices of renewal or increase of leases
  • Negotiations with tenants
  • Calculation and distribution of RL-4 statements and property taxes
  • Annual report for tax purposes
  • Sending and follow-up of mail
  • Inventory and maintenance of property assets
  • Client representation
  • Support for Selling and buying
  • Consulting and training for buying, selling and investment of properties

Maintenance Page Text

Gestion Immobiliere Montreal takes great care of its property assets by taking all preventive measures to reduce maintenance and renovation costs.

Regular visits are conducted to the buildings to verify their condition. In case of necessary repairs, we will inform the owner and develop an adopted strategy. Subsequently, constant monitoring and follow-ups are made between the owner and the construction manager.

The upkeep and maintenance are provided based on the client’s needs. That being said, we have our own maintenance and care staff, experienced people who pay attention to detail. In addition to meeting the legitimate needs of tenants, a well maintained building helps reduce the number of relocations and promotes a better quality of tenants. Here is the complete list of our services:

  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Regular maintenance of common areas
  • Exterior maintenance and landscaping
  • Preventive inspections
  • Management of maintenance, improvements and major repairs
  • Negotiation of quotes
  • Management of complete renovations or construction
  • Supervise specialized work
  • Ensure the availability of qualified personnel to carry out, without delay, maintenance and repairs
  • Perform all repairs deemed necessary by the owner
  • Allow the owner the benefit from economies of scale granted to Gestion Immobilière Montreal
  • Propose to the owner a preventative maintenance plan
  • Support the owner in finding beneficial and less costly solutions